‘Welcome to Cosy Cosmos’

Suza Schiele’s solo exhibition at the Whangarei Art Museum, Te Manawa Toi, from 12 December 2016 – 19 February 2017, invited a glimpse into her idiosyncratic cosmos of images and objects informed by microbiology, mythology, science fiction and Modern Art and driven by her peculiar quest on the origin of life and human existence. 

With her vibrantly colourful ‘Automatic Playmona’ paintings, her strange biomorphic ‘Ginlards’ soft sculptures and her grotesque ‘Heledite’ mixed media figurines, the gallery was transformed into a sensual space of curious discoveries, inviting playful reflection on ‘the mysteries of life forming’ and ‘automatic’ creation. The exhibition included a community collaborative project in which viewers were invited to contribute by creating spontaneous drawings and paper cut-outs themselves in response and displaying them onto black Velcro canvases hung among Suza’s works throughout the duration of the show.