Keeping Peace

Once we believed that we could change the world. We have, but our world today is a far cry from being the happy peaceful place my flower-power generation had in mind.

‘Keeping Peace’ at ‘NZ Sculpture OnShore 2012’  marked a site of military significance at Ford Takapuna with a 10m diameter inflatable  pink peace sign with little pump-balls, referencing the many breasted ‘Artemis of Ephesus’, symbol of nuturing. Soft to the touch, the pump-balls fit snugly in any hand and invite viewers to squeeze air into the sculpture. A nearby gauge indicates the air pressure when pumping. Many helping hands maintain inflation and make palpable the fact that keeping the peace is a communal effort. The peace sign, the viewers and the landscape are seen in the adjacent security mirror: a little utopia of peace. Seen from flying objects above, including global military surveillance satellites, the work brings together the politics of peace, history and art.                                                                <Back