Happy Hat Happenings

The installation ‘Try2’ shown at ‘Sculpture on the Gulf 2007’, positioned viewers directly into the centre of their experience. Wearabel ‘soft sculptures’ highlighted participants in the landscape, not unlike a marker pen highlighting words in a text.

Viewers walking the art trail were greeted by signs and mirrors inviting to try a ‘Happy Hat’ with suggestions as to how to wear it and what to do while wearing it. ‘Happy Hat’ wearers, as well as those who chose not to mark themselves, became spectators, collaborators or performers, with the landscape transforming into a playing field for experimentation between public and private and the politics of communal happiness.

Subsequent ‘Happy Hat Happenings’ in Auckland and Berlin were dedicated to Joseph Beuys with the last performance taking place at the ‘Brandenburger Tor’ in August 2011.

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