Project Zeltsitz

‘ZeltsitZ’ is an ongoing project, responding to our primeval need for shelter and comfort. Derived from the German word ‘Zelt’ (tent) and ‘Sitz’ (seat), a ‘ZeltsitZ’ invites interactivity with a hidden seat.

Handmade with a stretch textile membrane over an aluminium frame with internal padding, a ‘ZeltsitZ’ adjusts to any body shape and reverts to its original form when not in use. Signs close by and indicators on the textile itself, act as directions to the hidden seat. A ‘ZeltsitZ’ invites to discover a totally new sitting experience. It operates as a minimalist sculptural form as well as a colourfield painting.  Visitors to the ‘ZeltsitZ’ have the choice of putting themselves into the centre of the work or becoming onlookers observing others taking centre stage.

ZeltsitZ’ installations publicly shown include ‘Art in the Dark 2010’ ,  Auckland, ‘Sculpture in the Gardens 2011’,  Auckland, Waiheke Art Gallery, Waiheke Island, 2013,  The Vivian’, Matakana,  Auckland City Limits 2016, Western Springs.

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