Free Air

FREE Air’ , was shown at ‘Sculpture on the Gulf 2011’ on Waiheke Island. Partly inspired by Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ and Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’, the participate installation challenged learned preconception surrounding cause and effect.

An oversize hand-pump in the landscape connected to a small yellow hose that disappeared into the ground to reappear through a rusty buoy with a porthole eye in the ocean below, gave viewers the ability to create and control movements of unexpected magnitude. Pumping brought the installation to life, with the end of the hose suddenly appearing from the ocean’s depth and drawing across its surface. Beside regular visitors to the exhibition, there were people on boats and ferries, commercial fishermen, swimmers and even divers coming in close to examine what was going and thereby becoming participants of the spectacle between nature and culture and reality and imagination.                                                                    < Back