‘Project Zeltsitz in Gondwana’, Sculpture in the Gardens 2011, Auckland Botanic Gardens

Project ZeltsitZ is an ongoing project created in collaboration with Lgop (Suza Schiele & Warwick Bell) responding to our primeval need for shelter and comfort.

ZeltsitZ is a participatory sculpture with a hidden seat  inviting a new sitting experience.  A stretch textile membrane allows adjustment to any body shape and reverts to its original form when not in use.  During Sculpture in the Gardens 2011 podocarp trees, humans and ‘Zeltsitze’  find themselves in an urban environment complete with overhead power lines, a nearby motorway and a flight path of aircraft above.  We are living in a human-made world. However, as was with our early ancestors, we only survive if we are observant and inventive. If we connect with each other and the environment we live within.