‘Project Zeltsitz in Gondwana’

Five Zeltsitze are seen amongst the ancient trees. Alien, yet a strangely natural entity in the vista each Zeltsitz offers a seat to enjoy the view, a frame to pose and display oneself in and a fun diversion on the art trail.

Humans, the ‘Zeltsitze’ and the ancient trees find themselves in an urban environment with the sighting of overhead power lines, the drone of the nearby motorway and the flight path of aircraft above. Here our ‘Project Zeltsitz’ draws parallels with our ancient nomadic lifestyle to what we think we have become today: We are ‘Urban Nomads’ living in a ‘human-made world’. However, as was with our early ancestors, we only survive if we are observant and inventive. If we connect with each other and the environment we live within. We do well if we manage to creatively adapt and see the signs for what may shelter and comfort us.